Our classes

Classes are open to all levels. Actors work every week in class to deepen their technique to get connected with their performance. Performances are filmed for the benefit of the actor. Also check out FAQ section to see which class is right for you.

Scene Study

Our scene study class provides partnered actors to work and deepen their choices, text and character analysis. After rehearsing a week, actors will perform the 5-10 minute scene that Ken will critique line by line. Actors will return following week to perform with incorporated adjustments and direction from Ken. Actors should be off book, with props or wardrobe appropriate for scene. 

Cold Reading

Ken chooses material from TV and film that is appropriate for the actor’s casting, after rehearsing for a week, the actors bring in a finished audition, off-book to read opposite flat ready like a casting director—set up like a professional audition for film or TV. Helps to prepare actors for any audition, while exercising actor’s muscle to build confidence for any room. Ken provides actors with adjustments after a performance, and then perform again with feedback provided. Actors are encouraged to bring in any audition sides to work on in class. At this point, Ken handles it more like a coaching with the objective to get a call back to then land the part. Auditioning weekly allows actors to feel more comfortable and confident in their ability.

Private Coaching

A more hands on, one-on-one approach.

Sessions depend on Ken’s availability.