About Ken lerner studio

Established in 1995.

About ken

Ken has studied with some of the greatest acting teachers, including Stella Adler and Peggy Feury. In 1988, respected acting teacher Roy London plucked Ken Lerner from amongst his students and asked Ken to teach a cold reading class. Starting with a recurring role on the hit TV Show "Happy Days," Ken had worked steadily as an actor and Roy thought that Ken could impart the techniques that led to his own success. After Roy's passing in 1994, Ken began teaching cold reading and scene study classes. Ken continues teaching to this day, while still steadily working as an actor ("The Goldbergs," "Friends," "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and in movies and commercials. Ken has coached students to lead roles in movies and TV shows. Ken is also in demand as a teacher for the New York Film Academy. To learn more about Ken’s extensive resume, check out his IMDb.

KEn Lerner’s acting philosophy

“To separate yourself from the rest of the actors auditioning, you have to bring your essence to the room. Be yourself. By that I mean bring to the part what makes YOU unique: your laugh, your sense of humor, your anger, your soul. Don’t hide it. That’s what they’re looking for. That’s what makes you special.” — Ken